Monday, December 13, 2010

Free Shiping Day 12-17-2010

I had a dream  in which I owned a butcher shop - which if you know me... ya.. not really my thing.
But as it turns out, to my relief, I only gutted fruits like  strawberries and apples.
So wearing full butcher apron, wielding teensy tiny butcher knives and an adept knowledge of their "parts", I toiled my days away gutting and parting out fruit.

Did I mention this was also, or seemed to be, set in about the 1800s. I was scoffed at for having a mans job and my only paying customers were woman who showed ankle.

I didn't walk to work, or ride a horse ad or wagon.. but Flinstoned it in an apple shaped buggy with a gerbil cage where the glove box could have been. Being that it was a large town with a lot of trees, I spent far too much time dodging acorns, chestnuts and people dumping "liquids" from their open windows. And of course the way to work was played out like an old school side scrolling Nintendo game..
I so rocked the game...
Anyhow, About National Free shipping  day.
Its coming this Friday!
 with over 1200 businesses participating, there will be plenty to choose from! And with Guaranteed shipping by Christmas eve, its hard to say no.
You can shop in your slippers ... 
To see everyone who  is participating click here :)

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