Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Clearence Sale!

With 2010 waving goodbye, so are many of our beloved products in our inventory And a contest!

So as a new years, out with the old and in with the new sale
We are selling these items at much reduced prices.
no blinking signs, flashing lights, coupon codes or secret passwords required.

though a secret password would be pretty cool....anyway..

What’s on sale:

Bath Bombs & Salts:

2.00    Gingerbread
2.00    Pineapple lime
2.00    Peppermint Snow Balls
2.00    Cranberry Fig
10.00  Mrs.Claus which will once again revert into her usual casual everyday wear as              Mrs.

3.00    Gingerbread
3.00    Hot Chocolate
3.00    Peppermint

7.00     Hot Chocolate
.75       Pumpkin Spice (Bar)

And what is to come?? 
~January 5th A Variety of valentines related items will arrive just in time for, well, valentines.

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