Friday, September 10, 2010

Chocolate Breath

While milling around online going from one place to another looking for some fall inspiration I ran across this, by googling the phrase “Never give up on your stupid stupid dreams” .. and looking at the images it brings up. I understand this is kind of lame, but it amuses me for shorts amounts of time.
As I was following my stupid stupid dreams I ran into this.
Breathable chocolate
Now of course, my first thought when finding this was “ew”... not so distant memories of scratch and sniff chocolate scented stickers come to mind actually. But I’m assured that it is nothing like huffing fragrance oils, but actual chocolate flavor in a breathable form.. for when you need a hit.
Packaged in a lipstick like tube, you pull both ends to open and use l as an inhaler to get your chocolate fix.. or your coffee fix.. or your caffeine fix. In fact, the coffee is said to contain 18mg caffeine, thought it is unclear to me if this is per puff or the entire 8 uses it provides. Another article I read claims that each hit contains 100mg caffeine, which is as much as a single shot of espresso. Either way Im all for it. However 8 cups of espresso in under 5 minutes might become an issue if each whiff is truly equal to a shot of espresso... and I Don't believe the coffee comes in flavors other than straight black coffee. So, not too much of a concern for myself. I'm sure to control myself.
Thomas D. Hadfield, Le Whif’s global operations manager said that the company plans to launch new flavors this year and hopes to produce an inhalable three-course meal in the indefinite future... I’m hoping it ends with blueberry pie.
They can be purchased here
So now, having bought my inhaleable chocolate.... virtually calorie free chocolate.. I’m following my stupid stupid dreams. But am I anywhere closer to finding that holiday inspiration I so need to make soap?
Heck yes... I'm going to start with hot Chocolate scented in and and brown with marshmallows floating around on top.. it will be dreamy!