Monday, April 12, 2010

How I use Bauble Body Scrubs

I love the bauble body scrubs... kind of creamy and soft.
There is something about the texture that makes me feel like I’m using something in the bath that is so frosting with sprinkles. I love frosting with sugar sprinkles..not so much the colorful shapes and dots. I have found myself on my third cupcake, just for the sugar sprinkled frosting.
And yes, I know..that is wrong but it tastes so long as there is no crisco involved.
This is how I use my bauble body scrubs.
I start the bath and start my exfoliation before I ever get wet. I start with my legs than my torso and my arms.... I get good & scrubbed then sit down in my bath water and let the heat do its magic.. It makes the whole room smell heavenly, the bath water becomes creamy and I get to relax and just enjoy thinking about ...
Should I really share this? Because Im kind of a dork.
I imagine it would be better to romanticize about the spring and dream of somewhere that has long beaches and Mai Tais... but I don’t. I think about how Elmo usurped the affection that once belonged to Grover and if I plant a garden this year will I really have time to take care of it or will it just be a wild jungle for the dogs to hunt for beetles?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shower Sweets

New in the month of April:

Shower Sweet: A sugar scrub in solid hand held form.
Made with a combination of Fair trade shea butter & oils to create a barrier to keep moisture in.
Organic sugar and gentle cleansers to get you clean while leaving your skin silky soft.
Currently single use size is available, but larger bars are soon to come.