Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My go to scents

My top ten scents for when m feeling stressed and tired..and anxious.... like I want to stand on an overpass and throw bath bombs at passing cars.
Not that I will.. but it has a certain ...something about it that just seems so right.

My go to scents re as follows:

Lavender - Lavender is a soothing aroma that, not everyone likes, its difficult to dispute its relaxing qualities. When I get tense I find a nice lavender scented pillows help me to relax.... and a lavender scented me helps even more so.

Chamomile - A flavor I despise in tea, but a good chamomile infused soap or bath oil and its gentle sweet scent can hang out with me all day long.

Orange - Orange always makes me feel bright and cheery. Its grown on me over the years in ways I never suspected. Orange popsicles are now my favorite.. I have a hard time passing up the offer of an orange tic tac ( so much so thats what my girls gave me for mothers day.. I may have a problem) And for amusement, a best of craigs lsit post about orange popsicles.

Bergamot - Though admittedly, most usually in tea form. So I Guess its bergamot and black tea... but a nice cup of earl grey tea in an orange and jasmine scented bath... is such a nice way to pretend I’m the only one in the house for a short while. Now if only my ipod was waterproof. Blue Raven teas has one of my favorite earl grey teas ever.

Lemongrass - With a hint of green grass, maybe a titch of coconut.. this one soothes my tired self and perks me up a little to finish out my day.

Sandalwood: - Another scent that, for years, I thought I despised. How very wrong I was!!! Spicy and woodsy.... floral.. and sweet all at once. I close my eyes and imagine a windy summer evening ..somewhere with more sand than dirt...more trees than grass.

Jasmine - I use to dislike Jasmine. Greatly. But then I came across... Jasmine! and oh how my scent-sory world did a flip flop. A bit of this in the bath and I’m enjoying life once again.

Neroli - Also referred to as Orange Flower, though it smells nothing like an orange. I don’t know why it took me so many years to test this scent. I fell in love at my first bottle opening and rarely go a day without it somewhere around me. ( This is my most favorite soap scent ... at least until I find a new one) I don’t know if its so much a stress relief or a comfort to me when I feel out of place.